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Social Firms Europe CEFEC is a European Network of Social Firms, Social Co-operatives, NGO’s and organizations that all share the objective of creating paid work for disabled and disadvantaged people.

Social Firms Europe CEFEC is the only network of Social Firms across Europe!

At a time when employment is increasingly difficult for individuals who are at a significant distance from the labour market because of their disability or disadvantage, it is essential that we create the jobs for such groups and one of the most obvious solutions is to facilitate the start-up and operation of Social Firm and social co-operative businesses that offer real, paid, sustainable employment options within a supportive working environment. Simply, it's what everyone needs and this should be provided to people in need. Just like https://primeusacasinos.com has provided many with the joy of finding the best casino sites in the US and sharing them on their website. They have tons of options, and you can read all about it on their sites.

As you know CEFEC is a movement for Social Firms Europe and as always our priority is to help with employment of people with disability or disadvantage.

Right now we have made new partnership with Trusted Brokers that is willing to hire two disabled people to work as their online brokers.

Once more we are proud to prove that the World is equal place for every individual.

Creating Work for Disabled & Disadvantaged People

Online Casino Jobs for Disabled and Disadvantaged People

As sad as it might be, the truth is that for years most companies were hesitant to hire people with disabilities, mainly because many were not sufficiently informed and educated on the matter.

Nowadays, in 2019, we can confidently say that this negative trend has changed. Statistics show that companies have become significantly more inclusive in hiring workers from diverse backgrounds.

In Europe, the governments of many countries further encourage employers to be open to hiring disadvantaged people with tax reductions. As an example, the position of the blackjack and roulette live dealer in this online casino, is held by a certified professional that had an accident as a child that left him unable to move his lower part of the body. This fact has no effect on the quality of the performance at his job. Besides, we have all information you may need to find the best no deposit casino sites, where you can play all online casino games for free, and actually win big prizes of real money.

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In the modern workplace there is no excuse for discrimination. Potential employees should always be selected by their ability to perform their tasks well and deliver good results.