The members of Social Firms Europe CEFEC as of January 2016 (grouped by country):

List with SFE CEFEC members

About our members

  • Social Firms England is the national support and membership organisation for the development of the employment and employability Social Firm sector in the UK. A social firm is a specialist social enterprise that focuses on employing or increasing employment chances for job-disadvantaged people. SFE supports with expert advice and consultancy. We provide resources, information, guidance and support for start-up, growing and established social firms, and consultancy to those who want to develop a social firms strategy. For more information access:

New Members in 2014:

Rahela Jurković – Head of Business Development / Master of Arts in European studies, with specialization in Economics from the College of Europe. She works now at WYG savjetovanje d.o.o. Zagreb (Croatia). For more details please visit

NPO S.S.S. – supports the self reliance of poor (elderly) people and people with disabilities living in and around Tokyo in Japan.

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Kennet Lindquist – Development coordinator . For more details please visit:

Rysseviken AB – working with people who are suffering from drug abuse and psychological problems; helping them with shelter and food, and want to start up social firms with vocational rehabilitation.

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CeDePe – Association of persons with Cerebral Palsy and Polio is a NGO from Zagreb (Croatia) working for children and adults with cerebral palsy and other physical disabilities and it is led by people with disabilities or their caregivers.

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WEB – Work-experience Companies is a non governmental organization from Belgium that was founded in 1992. WEB provides support and training to job-seekers and workers in the Kempen region who need intensive guidance in finding sustainable employment. The support programmes offered includes coaching and training along with work experience. In it’s more than two decades of existence, WEB has developed a number of activities for vulnerable groups on the labour market.

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New Members in 2013:

Amphitrite Social Enterprise was incorporated in September 2013 and its objective is to support social inclusion through employment of persons belonging to vulnerable groups. The Company has been registered in the Social Economy General Register of the Greek Ministry of Labour.

The fields of activity of “Amphitrite Social Enterprise” include:

A)  Development of “”, the first multilingual web application in Greece for the promotion of domestic accessible infrastructure and services to foreign tourists

B)  Accessibility training and consulting services, utilizing the expertise of specialists, international good practices from abroad and the experience of its members.

“Amphitrite Social Enterprise” was created with the support of the Development Partnership PROSVASIS, a non-for profit organization aiming to promote employment and entrepreneurship to disabled unemployed people.


The District Association For Adult Education Prutul  De Sus – AREAP, Republic of Moldova

AREAP core activities:

–          Courses for adults, continuing education;

–          Organizational management counseling;

–          Project management counseling and implementing financed projects

–          Professional counseling;

–          Social psychological counseling for persons with social psychiatric handicap in the framework of ,,Club Together”

–          Counseling of community development

–          Facilitating youth exchange between European countries

Website :

New Members in 2012:

       SC HR Specialists SRL , Romania

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Cuvel Co Ltd, Social Firm Consulting – Emiko Kazama, Japan

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      KLOS Sp Z o.o. , Poland

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Asociatia Europa pentru Dezvoltare Umana, Romania

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